What is Magento?

One of the most-popular eCommerce system in the market today, Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that offers maximum customization. From flexible product catalog structure, advanced faceted navigation, powerful rule-based promotion engine, your e-commerce can be up and running in no time. Magento also offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and order management tools.

Magento Key Features

  • Versatile & Powerful Platform

    Magento is a versatile platform that is ready for your online business, however complex it is. It is a system built to cater Retail, Wholesale or even both Retail-Wholesale in a single site. It is customizable to fit your business needs.
    The system is powerful, it can manage thousands of SKUs, and able to process high traffic and volume orders. It is also scalable, as it grows with your business.

  • SEO-Friendly & Responsive

    With Magento, optimizing products so it can be “search engine friendly” is very easy. It was built with SEO in mind and generates SEO-friendly URLs.
    Also, websites developed using Magento are responsive, so your store will be compatible across all the devices and browsers.

  • Faster Loading

    One of the biggest benefits of Magento 2 is the speed of the website. Recent Google statistics indicate that a 50% of users abandon the sites that take more than 3 seconds.

    During heavy and busy traffic on your store, Magento lets you keep lower load times.

  • Flexible Content Management

    Magento comes with an intuitive page editor, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is used for those who are looking to modify the look and certain function of the store. This tool helps edit the web pages without any technical knowledge.

  • Advanced Reporting

    On an eCommerce, reporting is crucial for business. With Magento, there are various high-end reporting features that offer nearly 20 reports through the web interface. All the major insights such as orders, customers and products are provided. The report keeps updating constantly to show the latest information.